Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheesy Monday

A busy morning. My fast and easy breakfast is usually about 100 grams of different types of cheese. Here we have gouda, brie and goat's cheese. And coffee in my son's Moomin Troll mug. One just has to love the Moomin Trolls.

Fast and easy luch, when I don't have to cook for the family (they were at work and in the kindergarten). Peas in cheese. I warm some frozen peas in the microwave oven and mix in a chunk of butter and about 50 grams of goat's cheese. When the cheese has melted I add some tarragon, salt and pepper and eat it. The peas contain a little bit too much carbs for me, so I have to be carefull not to make the portion too big.

For dinner I made my much liked salmon soup, even though I didn't have enough spinach and my soup ended up being too white. In the picture it looks yellow, I propably messed up the color settings in my camera. I even wrote down the recipe for you!

Smoked salmon and spinach soup by Elisheva

- butter (a lot of it)
- 100g chopped spinach
- 400g mushrooms cut to bite size pieces.
- 200-300g cold smoked salmon
- 7-8dl cream (30-38% fat)
- 200g mild medium hard cheese (like gouda or emmental, grated or in slices, you can also use softer cheeses. Brie seasoned with herbs works very well too. What ever you happen to have.)
- salt
- pepper

- Let the butter melt in the pot and add the mushrooms. Fry them lightly, do not let them brown.
- Add the spinach and the salmon, fry lightly, so that the salmon will break to flakes. You can leave it to bigger chunks if you like.
- Pour in the cream, bring to boil.
- Add the cheese and let it melt while mixing. It should make the soup a little bit thicker.
- Add water if needed.
- Salt and pepper to taste.
- Serve

This soup is loved by all of my friends and family. It is very filling and tasty. You can leave the mushrooms out if you like, they are there only to add something that one can bite. If you are afraid of fat, don't even think about this soup or it'll give you nightmares. But for us low-carbers this is very tasty indeed.

Fast food Sunday

Time to post something again...

As it was weekend, I had time to make myself a real breakfast. So I made an omelet with smoked salmon and goat's cheese. I have changed to decaf coffee, and I already feel much better. Mornings are much brighter without caffeine.

And after that lovely morning I didn't have that much time to cook, so the rest of the day is an example of my "fast food". Something that I can cook for the family in an hour. This time we had roasted duck and Brussels sprouts. The duck is "from the freezer to the oven" ready product and the sprouts were also frozen. My portion looks small, because it is small. I wasn't very hungry.

That is something I learned after I started my low carb diet. Previously I couldn't recognize hunger anymore. Now I can be satisfied with smaller portions, because my body tells me what is enough. Previously I made the portion according to the taste of the food, not according to how much I needed to eat.

More fast food for dinner. Frozen broccoli and cauliflower and turkey bratwurst with mayo and ketchup. That ketchup is the only light product that I allow in our fridge. It has less sugar than the normal ones.

Before I went to bed I wanted to have a night snack. I had some left over beef broth from yesterday, so I warmed it in the microwave oven and sipped it away. Tasty.

I was wondering that this would be more fun with recipes, so I might start posting those in the future. I don't cook from recipes, so I have to start writing them down as I cook.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Almost English with tongue in cheek.

Today I woke up with a ravenous appetite, because I had eaten a piece of bread the day before. One of my problems, when I eat carbs... So I made myself a big breakfast, which I don't usually do.

Sausages (turkey), mushrooms, tomato and eggs. All on the frying pan. My father-in-law had overheated the pan when he visited us, so everything stuck on it. Damn! That was my Damn Good Pan (tm), and now I have to get a new one. Next time I'll hide my pans, when relatives come for a visit. And with the breakfast also some tea with cream.

Lunch. Leftovers from the day before. Green beans, cooked tongue and grilled kebabs with salad and cucumber sprinkled with oil. Some garlic mayo as sauce.

Which happened to be too much, so there was still some leftovers.

During the afternoon I wanted something small and tasty with my coffee, so I had some cashew nuts and dark mint chocolate. Yummy!

Evening meal was roasted lamm and sauce, that was thickened with egg yolks (it went a little grainy in the end.) With that I had salad with oil-vinegar dressing. And some low-carb beer.

I ate quite well today. It's Sunday and I have to cook more since my family is at home. I can already notice, that I tend to make everything prettier than before, when I know that I'm documenting it.

General information

For all to know, and to make things easier:

- All meat is beef if not mentioned othervice.
- We can't get kosher slaughtered meat here by any reasonable means, so we have decided to use regular stuff instaid of skipping meat alltogether.
- All oil I use is extra virgine olive oil unless mentioned othervice.
- Some meat dishes can look like they have milk in them, but that is usually coconut milk or mayonaise.
- For frying I use oil or coconut fat for meat and butter or ghee for milk or parve.
- I don't usually use any recipes, but if someone asks for one in the commentaries, I'll do my best to write it.

What we eat?

I'have to eat a quite restricted diet due to different reasons. I get asked often what I can eat and what not, and what the hell I'm I eating normally. So, I try to post about what I eat (with pictures) and skip the explaining.

My restrictions? A very strict low-carb due to severe hypersensitivity to glucose and not too strict kashrut due to religious reasons. So I'll have to cook a lot.

Basics in Wikipedia: Kashrut, low-carb

Feel free to comment, usually I like to talk about food.